Goals For 2017

Finance For GeekGoalsLeave a Comment12/20/2016


Welcome to 2017! I know that I’m a bit early for all the cheering but I’ve written this post in early December as I’m currently on vacation spending some quality time with my family. As usual each year, a lot of people are willing to set new goals. In fact, did you know that around 45% of …

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Financial Report November 2016 – Net Worth $11,358

Finance For GeekFinancial ReportLeave a Comment12/10/2016


Welcome to my third financial report! Another month has passed since my last financial report. Just up around a little $600 more, but that’s still a 5% increase on our Net Worth! This is still a bit slower that I would have expected but that’s still a progress. Nothing particular happened this month, except the fact that …