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Welcome to my monthly financial reports! Once a month I’m publishing a detailed report regarding my financial stats and my current net worth. In case you are wondering why I do such a thing, here are three reasons:

  • This gives me a chance to reflect over the past month – what went well or what didn’t go as planned.
  • It holds myself accountable (because numbers do not lie!).
  • It allows me to stay motivated towards the dream of being financially independent (my magic number would be $2,000,000 which is a looooong way to go!).

I have always enjoyed websites sharing real numbers and real examples, so it’s my turn to do it (if you have not already, learn more about me).

The goal of these reports is not to brag or show off numbers, but for my readers to emulate my successes and avoid my failures. As you will see, there are plenty of both!

For me, one key part of my long-term goal is to track my net worth, giving me an overall view of my finances. There are many different ways to calculate your net worth, but a quick one would be:

“The value of all a person’s assets (savings, investments, property, etc) minus all liabilities (credit card debt, student loans, mortgages, etc).”

If you are not sure what should be included and what should not, that’s not a problem. Just start with the parts important to you and then include whatever makes the most sense to you. This can (and should!) be adjusted over time.

Check out my favorite financial tools

  • Mint (FREE) – great for setting up budgets and automating tracking of spending habits vs. budgets. It also easily integrates with Wealthsimple (I’ve written a complete review here), which is great for people living in Canada – as I do (Updated January 2017: Wealthsimple is now fully available for Americans! Updated September 2017: Wealthsimple is now also available for people in the UK!).
  • Personal Capital (FREE) – awesome tool to see all your investments and retirement accounts in one secure and convenient place. Sign up and link your accounts easily (available only in the US). This is a great tool, especially when it comes to tracking your Net Worth. Just like Mint but more focused on investments.

Wealthsimple - Investing Is Complicated. We Make It Simple.

You can also check out my recommended resources page for some great products and services!

So here it is, my complete list of all financial reports I have written since I started this website, going back to September of ’16. The good, the bad, and even the ugly months!

All stats are combined for Mrs. FFG and I and will be updated on a monthly and annual basis.

Financial Report Links

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2017 Total Gross Income: $67,120 – Net Worth: $49,212

Dec 2017 – Net Worth $49,212 [+74.5%] [+$21,012]

Nov 2017 – Net Worth $28,200 [+2.7%] [+$735]

Oct 2017 – Net Worth $27,465 [-8.6%] [-$2,585]

Sep 2017 – Net Worth $30,050 [+2.6%] [+$778]

Aug 2017 – Net Worth $29,272 [+2.2%] [+$612]

Jul 2017 – Net Worth $28,660 [+3.6%] [+$1,007]

Jun 2017 – Net Worth $27,653 [+11.7%] [+$2,891]

May 2017 – Net Worth $24,762 [+20.3%] [+$4,177]

Apr 2017 – Net Worth $20,585 [+12.0%] [+$2,211]

Mar 2017 – Net Worth $18,374 [+10.6%] [+$1,762]

Feb 2017 – Net Worth $16,612 [+23.4%] [+$3,160]

Jan 2017 – Net Worth $13,452 [+10.1%] [+$1,245]


2016 Total Gross Income: $84,563 – Net Worth: $12,207

Dec 2016 – Net Worth $12,207 [+7.4%] [+$849]

Nov 2016 – Net Worth $11,358 [+5.3%] [+$578]

Oct 2016 – Net Worth $10,780 [+3.9%] [+$405]

Sep 2016 – Net Worth $10,375 [+3.8%] [+$385]

Aug 2016 – Net Worth $9,990 (Started Tracking)


Once again, the point of these reports is to hold myself accountable. My way of doing this is to know where I stand at all times (and I do love spreadsheets and crunching numbers!). So that’s why I started all of this in the first place.

Hopefully you have been already doing this (and you have started your own website), but in case you’ve not, please start tracking where all your money’s at! You don’t have to share it with everyone like so many bloggers including me do, but at least keep it somewhere so you can access it easily each month.

Hope this inspires you in some way… and Good Luck!

– Vincent

What about you? Are you tracking your money already?

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