Welcome to my recommended resources page! Recommendations on this page are for tools, resources and services that I like and trust. If you are looking to save money, invest or track your money, or maybe even some tools and ideas to start your own blog you’re in the right place! I update this page every time I come across new, useful or interesting products, each time with new ways to make extra money online.

Disclosure: Some of the links found below are affiliate links. I may earn a small commission if you decide to click on these products – at no additional costs to you. I would never recommend something I don’t personally use.

Finance Management and Tracking

MintMint — If tracking your money is something new, Mint is a great place to start. It’s a free online personal finance service which automates all your accounts. It is really useful when it comes to budgeting and tracking net worth, spending patterns, investments and more. It also features a very user-friendly iOS and Android App.

Personal CapitalPersonal Capital — Free software that helps you see all your investments and retirement accounts in one secure and convenient place. Sign up and link your accounts easily (available only in the US). This is a great tool, especially when it comes to tracking your Net Worth. Just like Mint but more focused on investments.

Investing and Saving

WealthsimpleWealthsimple – Wealthsimple is a robo-investment service for Canadians (US and UK also since 2017!) that invests your money in low cost index funds. Sign-up process is really smooth (check out my Wealthsimple review here)! The first $5,000 are managed for free, and you can get a $50 bonus if you sign-up with my link.

MyloMylo – This is a completely automated service to achieve your financial goals (only available in Canada). Simply list your cards from any bank with an easy signup process (read my complete Mylo review here). Mylo will then automatically rounds up purchases and invest the spare change in a personally tailored portfolio of ETFs! Get started with Mylo promo offer: a $5 bonus.

TangerineTangerine – Big Cash Back, No Annual Fee. As a true online banking service, if you are looking for the best rates and free accounts, I think Tangerine is the best choice! You can also get a $50 bonus if you register with my Orange Key (48902575S1). The downside? It’s only available in Canada!

Lending LoopLending Loop – This is the first and only regulated peer-to-peer lending platform in Canada. If you want to diversify your investments and want to get started with peer-to-peer lending, Lending Loop offers some really high returns. You can also get a $25 bonus to get started with Lending Loop! I’ve written a detailed Lending Loop review.

DropDrop – This is an awesome app, aimed at millennials which helps users collect points to put towards claiming gift cards. It is totally FREE and you just have to link your cards and everything else is automated! Drop is available both in the US and Canada (learn more in my detailed Drop review or use my custom drop bonus code ffgeek to get started with 1,000 points).

Student Loan Refinancing

LendEDULendEDU – LendEDU is a completely free service. You just have to answer 10 questions and it takes only a few minutes to find your best student loan refinancing rates, all from multiple companies at once. What’s also fantastic is that this will not impact your credit score at all, as they’re not using a hard credit pull.

Blog Hosting

BluehostBluehost – This is definitely the best place to start for new bloggers. The price is really cheap, their uptime is great. You also get the domain name free with any of their hosting packages. If you haven’t done it already, take the chance to start a website now and check out my complete guide to start a blog in 15 minutes!

WordPress Themes

X-ThemeX-Theme – X-theme is the premium theme I’m using on this website. It offers multiple unique designs, plenty of extensions and close to unlimited customizations. It comes with 4 primary templates. It’s highly-flexible and bundled with multiple plugins and extensions, and it’s one of the all-time top selling WordPress themes.

GenesisGenesis – Genesis is also a premium theme for WordPress. It’s made by StudioPress and there are hundreds of theme stores out there with custom Genesis child themes. Definitely one of the themes I’d recommend along with X-Theme which I’m using on this website!

ThesisThesis – Thesis is another awesome theme I’ve used in the past. Along with X-Theme and Genesis, it completes my personal top three premium themes which I often recommend to get started with, if you want to get serious about blogging. Once again, one of its benefits is that it is extremely easy to customize.

Blogging Tools

MaxCDNMaxCDN – MaxCDN is one of the top WordPress CDN provider. It’s a large distributed system of highly-optimized servers deployed across the globe serving content to end-users with high availability. CDN solutions are designed for performance and typically used for images and CSS files if you want to improve their performance.

Social WarfareSocial Warfare – Social Warfare is one of the best social sharing plugin for WordPress. I tried many different social plugins before using this one here, but this one features everything you would expect from a nice and clean social plugin! It features visually stunning social share buttons, click-to-tweet functionality and it is fully responsive.

PicMonkeyPicMonkey – PicMonkey is a free online photo editor which I use to edit all of my photos on this website. It is a *must have* if you want to improve your photos in a simple and convenient way! Adding images to my blog posts isn’t my favorite task, but PicMonkey makes this process so much more simple.

ConvertKitConvertKit – ConvertKit is simply the best email platform for bloggers and anyone who runs a content based online business. Matched against email service providers like Aweber or Mailchimp, I don’t think there’s much doubt that ConvertKit is better. What makes it stand out is its polished UI design and its easy to use automation rules.

BoardBoosterBoardBooster – BoardBooster is a powerful tool to optimize, automate and grow your Pinterest traffic. Compared to its main competitor Tailwind, BoardBooster is free to try, then $5 a month (which is well worth it considering how it brings you more page views than any other method!).

Personal Finance Books

The Millionaire Next DoorThe 4-Hour WorkweekRich Dad Poor DadI Will Teach You To Be Rich

The Slight EdgeThe Richest Man In BabylonThe Intelligent InvestorThe Total Money Makeover

Online Shopping

AmazonAmazonFinance For Geek is a proud member of the Amazon Affiliate Program. Every time a reader clicks an Amazon Portal link and purchases something, I might get a commission based on the item purchased. It’s the perfect way to support this website!

EbatesEbates – This is a free rewards website which allows its members to earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases from more than 2,000 online stores. Grab your $10 sign-up bonus! The great customer service combined with the wide selection of stores makes Ebates a great savings tool for anyone to utilize.

– Vincent

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