Financial Report December 2016 – Net Worth $12,207

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Welcome to my fourth financial report! As some of you following may know, my short-term goal is to reach a Net Worth of $100,000 (I think it’s definitely doable before 2019!). Even if I consider myself pretty frugal, the shocking truth of calculating and displaying my financial stats in public since last September revealed that I have …

Goals For 2017

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Welcome to 2017! I know that I’m a bit early for all the cheering but I’ve written this post in early December as I’m currently on vacation spending some quality time with my family. As usual each year, a lot of people are willing to set new goals. In fact, did you know that around 45% of …

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Financial Report November 2016 – Net Worth $11,358

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Welcome to my third financial report! Another month has passed since my last financial report. Just up around a little $600 more, but that’s still a 5% increase on our Net Worth! This is still a bit slower that I would have expected but that’s still a progress. Nothing particular happened this month, except the fact that …

Wealthsimple Review – Simple Automated Investing

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What’s Wealthsimple? Traditionally, investing required some basic finance skills. Either one had to go through an investment advisor, with fees often being quite prohibitive, or one had to find and choose some funds to pickup in order to have a good overall asset allocation. Furthermore, usually advisors are available only to high net worth individuals. For the …